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Tips and Troubleshooting : Pharm server/client and web portal

1. Conf files are very sensitive to any extra spaces, if you are having trouble starting up client or server one of the first things to check is that you don't have any extra space towards the end of the line.

2. GOOGLE maps: Go to http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html to get your own maps api key.
Keep in mind that you can get as many keys as you want and each key is unique to the url that you would type.

Use the FQDN that you would use to access the pharm web portal to generate the api key.
For example if I am accessing web server locally on my lan and the machine's FQDN name is "server.hackme.org",
then I would signup for maps api key with that name (server.hackme.org).

If everything is on the same box and I am using for localy testing the web portal (localhost) , then I would signup with "localhost" to generate the key. The key that is currently in the sample config is tied to localhost.

3. If you get "val" errors in your webpage, those maybe related to extra spaces in your config files.

4. Logging into the portal takes very long time.

Pharm web portal uses Geo::Coder::HostIP to run through the top X number of attackers ip and then basically map using google maps api. From what I have seen sometimes of the day , this operation gets sometimes slow but then other days it was super fast.

5. I don't see google map in my pharm portal.

Make sure your google maps api key is correct. Or this could be again related to issue # 4 above.

I will try to update this page as I see needed based on troubleshooting queries I get

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